Same day delivery till 14:00

Same day delivery till 14:00

Term of use and return policy

Welcome to our online storeLacriee Israel.

The regulations define your rights and obligations when using the website and when ordering the products offered on it. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, as they constitute a binding agreement between you and Israel. he use of the website and / or ordering products from it, constitute your consent to these terms and conditions and other conditions that appear on the website, including the privacy policy and other instructions that may appear during the use of the website (all together below: “Terms of the website“).

The terms are worded in masculine for convenience only and apply, of course, to women as well.

The user and the customer of the site agree that he has read and agreed without exception to the provisions of the regulations and other provisions of the site, in all means of communication that he has access to this site.

The purchase on the website is intended for those who have reached the age of 18 or older or any other action that has been legally recognized as a kosher action and in the normal course of activity.

All orders placed through the Website are made subject to what is stated in these Terms and Conditions and on the Company’s Website (hereinafter: “Purchase“).

We will provide you with the products you ordered on the site after the purchase process is completed and after you have received confirmation of ordering in your email box, all provided that the product you ordered is in stock and you have a valid credit card and after receiving confirmation from the credit card.

It is clarified that after the order is placed, the amount of the charge may be different following weighing after the order is collected. We add 10 percent to the order value to get approval from the credit card company. Your credit card will actually be charged only after the weighing is done.

The Company reserves the right not to approve orders at its sole discretion, even if in the past an order has been made on the Site as detailed below:

  • Provided incorrect information;
  • You have committed an act that harms or is likely to harm the Site or any third parties.
  • If you have breached the terms of this Agreement, the terms of any of the binding documents or the terms of any other online service offered by the Site;
  • If your credit card has been blocked or restricted;
  • Whatever the reason.

Once you have selected the products and added them to your shopping cart, you must enter the contact details in the order process: first name, last name, ID number, telephone number, shipping address (city, street, apartment number, entry and special comments to the place of delivery) and up-to-date email address .

If you enter incorrect information, the company is not responsible for any damage that will be caused to you as a result of not receiving the order and you will not have any demand and / or claim and / or claim against the company.

Order until 14:00 will be provided 8 hours from the time of booking depending on the distribution areas.

In case of special order and hosting trays the company reserves the right to notify of longer delivery time.

La Criee will not be responsible for delays in shipments as a result of events beyond its control:

Corona, closure, malfunctions, delays, strikes, power outages, combat situations, war, etc. Malfunctions in the computer system or telephone systems that will impair the completion of the purchase process or malfunctions in the e-mail service.


All prices on the website are denominated in new shekels and include VAT, if applicable by law.

The prices of the products do not include the shipping fee.

Marketing Content: If you have given your consent to receive marketing mailing the Company may, but is not obligated to, display or send you updates, by e-mail, fax and text messages (SMS) including content updates, information about its services and products, as well as services and products of others, promotions , Innovations on the site and advertisements, within the meaning of section 30A of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982.

ou can withdraw your consent and notify La Criee of your refusal to accept advertisements, usually or of a particular type, by sending a refusal notice. The way to send the refusal notice will be specified in the advertisement that will be sent to La Criee and / or someone on her behalf. The marketing mailing may be sent by the company.

You can read the prices of the products on the website from time to time and without the need for prior notice.

Payment for the products will be made on the website by credit card only.

The product images on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not obligate the company in any way. There may be differences in colors, texture, serving style, etc. between the product, as it is displayed on the website, and the product in reality.

Use of the site is at your sole and complete responsibility.

The site as a whole and the information that appears on it, including its content (and without detracting from the generality of the above – also its design, the software applications on it), are the exclusive property of La Criee Israel. The user undertakes not to copy, not to publish, not to distribute, not to display, not to reproduce, any part of the information contained on the site and / or to use the names and trademarks displayed on the site, without the prior written consent of La.

The law applicable to these regulations and everything deriving from it is Israeli law only and no other law will apply.

La Reading may at any time make changes to the Site, remove any part of the Site and add to it, from time to time, by updating the Site, as well as discontinue and commence the operation of the Site, refuse to grant access to the Site or parts thereof to any user and at its sole discretion Early alert The user will have no claim in this regard.

The privacy of the users of the site is important to the company and the company takes the usual precautions in order to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of the information provided to it by the user of the site.

The company may use “cookies” cookies (small text files that are stored, by the site, on the hard drive of the user’s computer via the browser) or similar technologies – for the purpose of, among other things, its day-to-day operation, collection of statistics about the use of the site , Verifying details, adjusting the site to the personal preferences of the customers, for information security purposes, improving the user experience, providing the user with a fast and efficient service and preventing the user from having to enter his personal details every time he enters the site. Modern browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using.

For details and inquiries regarding the operation of the site and its activity, you can send an email

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