Same day delivery till 14:00

Same day delivery till 14:00


We have collected for you most of the questions our customers ask us:

Good question! Our fish is vacuum sealed and delivered in ice. The fish arrives cleaned and ready for cooking.

Yes, the minimum order is 1 kg of fish.

Our fish is fresh and delivered to you daily directly from the sea.
Fish can come in different weight and size.

When placing your order, your credit card is charged for the order amount, then we start working on your order: cleaning, weighing and vacuum sealing your fish.

The final charge is made only after we weigh and pack the fish for you.
You might see some differences in charges between the order you placed and the actual billing, as by ordering 1kg salmon you might get 950g and thus you will be charged accordingly.

When ordering, you are asked to indicate your comments and cutting instructions.

Yes! You are welcome to visit our shop, HaTa’asiya St 9


Not at all ! We can leave your order  with the neighbors or at  the door. Of course your order  will be waiting for you with an ice pack.


We do everything to bring you the perfect fish to your plate, however you think otherwise you are welcome to return your order. Ready to place your order of a quality fish right now?

Do you have a question?

Feel free to write us any further question you have and we will get back to you with an answer soon!
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