Same day delivery till 14:00

Same day delivery till 14:00

About us

Fish, to taste right, must swim three times – in water, in butter, and in wine.” A proverb 


La Criée Israel is not yet another fishmonger. It is a very special family business with a 30 year old history and tradition which has started in Italy. 

It is owned and run by a beautiful Italian family who, no wonder, has fish in their DNA: David, the 2nd generation fishmonger, grew up surrounded by fish both at home and in store, and took after his father and mother – Emmanuel and Nadine. David took over all the knowledge and passion about the industry and opened the shop in Raanana to serve the customers exquisite high quality fish directly from the ocean.

Having received a lot of positive feedback from their customers, La Criée went a step forward and started offering not only fish, but also fish platters, special salmon and sushi cakes, sashimi, and dinner kits. which will allow you to serve a healthy delicious dinner with a minimum prep time.


La Criée’s mission is to provide the customers with the finest fish same day! We offer same day delivery from Jerusalem to Netanya.


“We are a warm and loving family who enjoys working together. Naturally sometimes we can have some arguments. However it’s like in a basketball team – you might fight during the practice, but when the game is on – the team and winning is in the center of your thinking.” 


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